Supercharged WordPress for Law Firm Websites


Having a top-notch law firm website has never been so easy.

A LOT goes into a top-notch law firm website. It takes admin center tools to manage your lawyer/practice information, user-friendly front-end features to help visitors find the right information, a fast hosting infrastructure, robust security systems, speed optimizations, and ongoing maintenance and support.

We should know, we’ve built and managed dozens of websites for firms of all sizes for over a decade. We developed a complete platform of website features, admin tools, hosting infrastructure, and security/maintenance processes and refined it over and over with each new site or turn of the industry.

Our platform bundles a back office for your info and content, law firm specific website features, with unlimited high-speed hosting, and fully-managed infrastructure, security, speed optimization and support. It’s everything you for a top-notch law firm website, with far less hassles and requirements on you.

Having a best-in-class law firm website has never been so easy!


Easily manage Lawyer Bios, Practice Area descriptions, and Office locations right in your WordPress Admin Center. Clean tabs, simple fields, and one place for everything.


Lawyer Directories, Bio pages with vCards, Practice Area grids, Office pages with Google Maps and more. All automatically-populated from your latest Back Office content & data.


Cancel your hosting and never look back. All plans include unlimited-hosting on our high-speed network. All expertly managed and meticulously maintained by us. Simple.


Submit a support ticket, have us add or remove a new bio, update some photos, or publish blog posts, it's all included. We can also train staff to make some quick changes.


Our expert team secures your site with premium security tools, backup systems, 24/7 site monitors, and springs into action when needed. Forget about it. Your site and online reputation is well-protected.


A slow site can cost visitors and Google rank. We get blazing-fast websites with premium speed plugins, manual optimizations and ongoing monitoring to keep it loading fast.


We handle all WordPress, plugin, and server updates with offline testing, uptime/blacklist monitoring, backup checks, hack cleanups, and everything else. Just leave it to us.

Everything needed for an Exceptional Site

The WP Legal Platform is a complete tech solution packed full of features and tools to improve the User Experience, Performance, and Manageability of any law firm website. It helps transform ordinary firm sites, with all the ordinary problems, into exceptional presences, with far less hassles and headaches to manage. It’s everything you need for a top-notch website that super-easy to use and manage.

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Easily manage content and data in your WordPress Back-Office

WordPess includes a wonderful backend tool for administering your site. We take it a big step forward with powerful tools built specifically for law firms. Easily manage Lawyer Bios, Practice Area descriptions, and Office locations right in your WordPress Admin Center. Clean tabs, simple fields, and one place for everything.

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And much more...

Custom Caching for performance

The platform generates all the firms data each time you make a change in the admin center and then the front-end only has to do one lookup vs. hundreds making the site and features much faster.

predefined lists of industry data

Select from National and State Bar Associations, Courts, Universities and Schools, Degrees, and Job Titles for ease and consistency. Or add your own.

bi-directional relationships

All relationships work in both directions.Make a change to a Lawyer's Practice Areas and the Lawyers list of the Practices updates. Go where makes sense.

Customizable fields and components

Fully customizable components and relationships to match your firm. Include industries or not. Relate Industries to Attorneys or not.

Import Content/Data for Quick Start

We just need your lawyer, practice area, data in an Excel spreadsheet and can import it into the platform saving lots of time and money and resulting in more consistency vs. manual data entry.

Redesign no longer means rebuild

Your data and the functions to interact with it stay completely separate from design. New designs can be snapped right on at any point for a fresh new look that pulls from your existing data.

Everything is related

You can show Attorneys mentioned in a News Item, or show which Cases related to an Industry.  Connect the pieces however makes the most sense for your firm. 


Design Elements Specific to Law Firms

Advanced website features made easy with our firm-specific blocks. Every feature needed for a full law firm website: a searchable lawyer directory, detailed lawyer/staff bios with automatic vCards, practice area girds and detail pages, offices pages and more.

Best of all, every site feature is fully integrated with your Back Office data. The system automatically populates your entire site from the very latest information, so it’s always completely up to date, and changes only need to be made in one place. We can use pre-built blocks for fast deployment, modify them as needed, or build fully custom solutions to your specifications.

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Elementor and Back-Office Data Snap Together

The WPLegal.com platform combines your data and content together with Elementor Widgets to make building powerful, feature-rich sites quick and easy.  Your data gets pulled into the Widgets which can be used to drag-and-drop new layouts and designs however you need.  All elements are completely customizable to your design and firm requirements.

And much more...

Elementor Page Builder integrated

The industry-leading page builder Elementor has changed the game. What used to require loads of developer time manually coding things can now easily be done with drag and drop tools that have become industry-standard. The platform widgets make it easy to build a feature rich law firm website with all the features you'd expect and need.

Dynamically Populated from DATA

The industry-leading page builder Elementor has changed the game.  What used to require loads of developer time manually coding things can now easily be done with drag and drop tools that have become industry-standard.  The platform widgets make it easy to build a feature rich law firm website with all the features you'd expect and need.

modern design and build process

Not a big huge project anymore, start with a pre-built template, import your data and have a fully-functioning website tomorrow. Use as-is for speed and cost-efficiency or use it as a starting point and customize however you want to make it unique to your firms personality and brand.

Use your Designer or Ours

Every element is completely customizable to any style or functionality.  You can work with our top-notch designers to create a unique look for your site or have your designers either send us design files or implement it themselves even directly in Elementor.

Pre-built Templates or Fully Custom

Use any one of many pre-built templates that are pre-configured to work on our platform. Or start with a design-free wireframe layouts for your designer or ours to build a fully unique site.

Update Designs at any time

You don't have to rebuild your whole site to have a new design.   New designs can be snapped right on top of the platform to rebrand without the pain of having to rebuild the site all over.


Everything Included Infrastructure with WPEngine Hosting

Forget about the hassles of trying to manage your own hosting account and getting their support to actually help you.  We partner with industry-leading WPEngine to provide unlimited hosting for on their high-speed, best-in-class WordPress hosting.  We deal with all the hassles so you don’t have to. Then, we throw in a bunch of best-in-class tools and services to create very solid websites.

Unlimited wpengine Hosting

That's right. All the hosting you need from industry-leading WP Engine. Don't worry about hosting or how much traffic you get or disk space needed. All plans include unlimited hosting on the world's best network regardless of traffic or disk space.

Premium Security Tools AND Firewall

WPEngine's Global Edge Security and WordFence Premium included for complete end-to-end protection. You're covered with managed Web Application Firewall (WAF), advanced DDOS Mitigation, Cloudflare CDN, and automatic SSL.

Premium Speed Tools and CDN

WP Rocket and ShortPixel Adaptive images included in every plan for lightening fast websites with image and code optimization, a Content Delivery Network, and a whole lot more to ensure your site loads fast!

SMTP for Contact Form Deliverability

Unlimited SendLayer SMTP is included to ensure your critically-important emails from your website such as contact form submissions notifications are delivered and arrive without getting spam-blocked.

Redundant Backup and Restoration

Additional, real-time backups and restore tools via VaultPress from the makers of WordPress. Rest easy knowing we have a full 30-days history of every change made to your site and can easily restore.

form and comment anti-spam

The powerful Akismet Anti-Spam tool from the makers of WordPress helps to keep shield you from spam emails. The system will automatically remove the most obvious spam so you never even see it.

tons of premium elementor widgets

We can use our Developer's License for sites we build for powerful add-ons such as PowerPack, Crocoblocks, and Dynamic.ooo. This gives us a huge variety of widgets that won't cost you any extra.

Fully managed from end-to-end

We take care of absolutely everything from implementing and configuring these tools, to constantly monitoring them, to troubleshooting and handling any issues that may come up.


Complete Website Maintenance

Our experts pro-actively take care of your website around the clock.  We start with an intensive onboarding process to secure and speed optimize your site and get it on all our tools and systems.  From there we do all WordPress and server updates weekly with offline testing first, daily critical vulnerabilities, and ongoing management and expert help anytime needed to keep your site running fast and secure.

Security Hardening and mitigation

We implement and configure a package of premium security tools to harden your site as much as possible again many types of attacks and vulnerabilities which we constantly monitor and mitigate should any breech occur.

Speed Optimization and testing

Speed is very important! We implement and configure a package of premium speed tools to optimize your site loading-time and PageSpeed scores and monitor it over time to ensure it keeps loading fast. 

daily critical vulnerability checks

We subscribe to several lists where WordPress vulnerabilities are announced.  It's critical to get those issues patched up as quickly as possible as the bad guys are alerted too when these are announced.

Website Archival on Dropbox

You can never be too safe with your website.  We help ensure it's never fully lost by periodically archiving the site in a Dropbox account completely separated from our hosting environment and WP and server backup systems.

Weekly Updates safely Tested Offline

The WordPress core, Plugins, and Themes all need to be constantly updated to avoid problems and to be as fast and secure as possible.  Those updates can cause problems though so we test everything offline first to avoid issues on your live site.

Server Updates and Maintenance

Its also important to keep the hosting servers software updated as well.  We test all updates to PHP and MySQL offline first to prevent any issues and keep all live sites on the latest versions.

Domain name / DNS Management

We can help manage your domain name and DNS settings and systems if desired.  Just reach out whenever you need any changes to your DNS and we'll implement so you don't have to worry about making a mistake.

SSL Certificate and https management

The little padlock on every page of your site means visitors can feel safe submitting their contact info to you via an encrypted connection.   We include a certificate, get the site configured to use it, then monitor for issues.


Advanced Monitoring System

Don’t learn about a site problem from a visitor or co-worker. Our complete Site Monitoring program will alert us when an error is detected so we can immediately resolve the problem. We utilize tools that monitor your site around the clock, from site uptime checks, blacklists scans, PageSpeed test results, Security Threats, DNS changes and more.  We watch it all so you don’t have to and keep your website highly-available and functional with as little disruptions as possible. 


Website Uptime and Availability

Sites go down much more often than most website managers realize. We ping our site every 5 minutes of every day to ensure it's loading properly. If not, we're alerted to the issue and jump into action.

IP / Domain Blacklist Monitoring

If your domain name gets blacklisted, even if no fault of yours, your legit emails can stop being delivered. We help prevent with HetixTools Blacklist monitor which scans 119 blacklists for your domain and IP and alerts us to with an errors so we can rectify it.

Site-wide PageSpeed Scores

We use PageSpeedPlus to continuously monitor the PageSpeed scores of both Desktop and Mobile for all the pages in your site to ensure your site is fully passing and loading fast for your visitors.

Malware and Brute Force Attacks

The security tools we use will alert us should any of them find an issue. Our experts then will spring into action to find the problem and rectify it as quickly as possible.

Google Safe-Browsing List

Getting blacklisted by Google is bad news. Luckily, they make it easy to monitor for it and our tools will alert us right away if it happens and we can look into the problem and possible solutions right away.

Daily Critical Vulnerability Checks

We subscribe to newsletters and lists that alert us every day to any potential Critical Vulnerabilities in the Plugins or Theme used in our client sites. We apply all patches daily to keep everything secure.

DNS Change Notifications

Unknown changes to your DNS settings could indicate a particularly dangerous intrusion where the bad guys route your traffic through their network and inject ads or worse.

Contact Form Submission Testing

The contact form is often the most important part of a service-based industry use such as law firms. We test submitting the form regularly so we know for sure it's working and take steps to correct should a problem arise.

broken link monitor

This monitor checks all the links on your site to ensure all the resources are loading properly and all outbound links to other sites continue to load properly. You can then take action to correct.


Unlimited WordPress Support

You won’t run into half-interested support here or be expected to have in-depth technical knowledge to keep your site running smoothly.  Just reach out anytime, for any reason, and we’ll help you every step of the way.  We include unlimited small tasks, such as adding/removing/updating lawyer bios, images, blog posts, events, etc.  We can also quote separately for any new features, custom programming or design work you need.

Unlimited Support and Small Tasks

Anything that takes 30 minutes or less is included.  We can update your content for you, help find plugins, adjust settings, troubleshoot problems and anything else you need.

Integrated Ticket System

Easily submit support tickets directly into our project management solution for quick response and insight from our entire support team.

Fast Response Times

We know how important keeping your website up and running is.  It's a terrible look if something is broken or malfunctioning and we pride ourselves in super fast responses to fix any issues quickly as possible.

Dedicated Customer Service Reps

We take our clients, their websites, their time and their business very seriously and continually strive to provide the absolute pinnacle of service.


Highly-Experienced Team of Experts

Our team of seasoned experts has built 100’s of websites over many years. Every element of our system is customizable, so our design experts can customize a look exactly to your needs, or our developers can find and fix issues, create any customizations of the features, or build entirely new features. Whatever you need, we can handle it, and everything is built onto our platform so everything works together.

Philip Light Founder / Lead Developer
Philip brings extensive WP experience from 18 years building and managing websites for law firms, marketing agencies, Chambers of Commerce, and business associations.
Rochelle Weiner Carr Art Director / Lead Designer
Rochelle constructs brands, communications and websites that illustrate key messages creatively, concisely, and that catch and keep the attention the of the target audience.
Dro Lenci Ompad Frontend Developer and Elementor Specialist
Andro brings a degree in Computer Science and a decade of experience working with us in front-end development and implementing designs into Elementor Page Builder.
Kajal Dubey Director of Operations MBA, PMP, ClickUp Expert
Kajal brings broad Project Management education and experience to ensure timely production of new projects and ongoing maintenance tasks.
Rodel Ompad Platform Developer and WordPress Backend Expert
Rodel brings his Bachelor of Science in IT and 6 years of experience with us to help continually improve our platform with new features and to keep up with industry shifts.
Jennifer Erdman Web Designer / Design and Marketing Consultant
Jennifer brings her BBA in Marketing and decades of diverse design experience to help us craft beautiful designs with a strong focus on web-standards and real-world marketing results.
Niki Robinson Search Engine Optimization Expert and Content Strategist
Niki utilizes her Creative Writing BA of English degree and decade of SEO experience to generate web traffic from Google with compelling and engaging content.
James Aldrin Website Maintenance, Speed & Security Expert
James brings a Bachelor of Science in IT and two years experience focusing on ongoing maintenance of client websites, security hardening, and speed optimization.
WPL-team head shots 600x800 copy 2_0003_Don Brown
Don Brown IT Expert | Attorney Special Advisor
Don runs FireFly, a Chicago IT company focusing on the legal services industry. His experience as a lawyer and IT expertise helps ensure our platform addresses the needs of law firms.

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